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Products Designed And Manufactured By The John Hardy Company

The John Hardy Company manufactures several different models of stand alone microphone preamplifiers, replacement mic preamps for third party mixing consoles and discrete op-amp modules.

Please click on an image to see detailed information about a particular product. PDF files are available for some products. Click on the PDF icon to access them directly.

Stand Alone Microphone Preamplifiers: PDF
M-1 Mic Preamp PDF
M-1 Mic Preamp (available in 1 through 4 channel configurations)
M-2 Mic Preamp PDF M-2 Mic Preamp (like the M-1 but with a 16 position gain switch)
M-1 Personal Mic Preamp PDF M-1 Personal Mic Preamp (single channel self contained M-1)
Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp PDF Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp (available with 1 through 4 channels)
Jensen Twin Servo 990 Special 2 Channel Version
Jensen Twin Servo 990 Mic Preamp (2 channels with 22 position gain switch)

Console Upgrade Mic Preamplifiers:

MCP-500C Mic Preamp Card
MPC-500C A direct replacement for MCI-500C/D series console mic preamp cards.
MCP-600 Mic Preamp Card PDF MPC-600 A direct replacement for MCI 600-series console mic preamp cards.
MCP-3000 Mic Preamp Card PDF MPC-3000 A direct replacement for Sony MXP-3000 series console mic preamp cards.

990 Discrete Operational Amplifier:

990 Discrete Op-Amp PDF
990 Discrete Operational Amplifier




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