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Reviews And Opinions:

From: tonewoods
Subject: Re: john Hardy pres-
Newsgroups: rec.audio.pro
Date: 2000-12-23 16:50:06 PST

There is nothing "better" than a couple channels of John Hardy, unless it happens to be a 4 channel unit...

Luke Kaven
Subject: Re: Great River vs. John Hardy?
Newsgroups: rec.audio.pro
Date: 2000-12-05 18:05:43 PST

I use both the Great River and John Hardy M1 preamps on live jazz recordings. You are right that they are among the least colored. I would say that the GR is slightly less colored than the Hardy. But the Hardy is colored in an extremely subtle way. They are both eminently suited for acoustic recordings. I haven't had an instance where I wouldn't use them interchangeably. Both are, of course, extremely clean, and meticulously crafted. I've had satisfying results from both on the M149, Royer R121, TLM103, Schoeps MK41, BPM TB95, MBHO MBC608, Oktava's The most satisfying sound I've gotten so far was with a pair of Royer R121 in a Blumlein pair on the horn section of a jazz octet, using the GR. I have no doubt the Hardy would do as well. I use other mics as well, and haven't found one that doesn't mate superbly with either preamp. Other favorite sounds are standup bass into M149, and piano into MK41s, through either preamp. These are really great preamps for general use...very very hard to go wrong with either one.

Subject: Re: john hardy pres-
Newsgroups: rec.audio.pro
Date: 2000-12-24 12:30:25 PST

I was hired to do a set up for a session. It was all acoustic, and the players are all tops in their class. They hired me to help get tones in a studio they hadn't used before.

The pres at the studio:
Neve 1272's
Peavey VMP 2

Pres brought to the studio:
John Hardy
Studio Technologies

The mic pre that stood above the pack:
John Hardy

I've since used those pres on other sessions and they always end up on the recording typically along side Millennia, Massenberg, Neve, Sytek, etc.

They sound great.


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